• Gergana G Popova
  • Noemie Schelbert
  • Nas Abraham
  • Kyoungmin Ryu

As seen on PETRIe inventory: ‘Following the expressive movements of British actor and movement director Anders Hayward, this short film seeks to visually interpret the pain of separation. Taking inspiration from Li Edelkoort's thoughts on subconsciously guarding oneself from external pressures and threats by wearing thicker layers, the character was purposely styled to reflect the notion of distancing and protection, adorning large silhouettes and layered clothing pieces. He manifests his detachment by further guarding himself from all that would harm him. A growing feeling of turmoil ensues as he looks for the root of his pain, but the pain is internal. The footage was shot before the current pandemic and it has become all the more relevant since.’ Talent - Anders Hayward Director & Editor - Nas Abraham Director of Photography - Gergana Popova Styling & Creative Director - Noemie Schelbert Producer - Min Ryu Soundtrack - Uku Kalmus Grooming - Chiharu Wakabayashi Assistant - Anthony Gibbes