DIGI DEBATES #1: Are Gen Z Going to Change the World?

  • Biba Thomas
  • Sonika Phakey
  • Olivia Yallop
  • Imogen Wilson
  • Yu Nuo Tan
  • Katie Ling
  • Emily Chappell

Tired of talks? Panel discussions feeling passe? Supposedly heated topics leaving you feeling cold? Get ready for something a bit more rigorous, because #digidebates are here to do things differently. In conjunction with our sponsors Soho House, we’re adapting the old-school debate format and hosting a series of lively debates around technology, internet culture, and all things digital. On the 18th of June, we were at Soho House pitting the brightest sparks - and loudest voices - of the industry head to head in a vigorous verbal showdown on the topic: “ARE GEN Z GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD?” Our panel speaking FOR the motion included: Chloe Combi, author of "Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives" Jack Maitland, community manager at Depop Our panel speaking AGAINST the motion included: Frankie Wells, founder of foundation.fm Zoë Daniel, writer for Guardian, Girlgaze and more