Directions — The Magazine by Design Hotels™ (2019 Edition)

Directions is an annual magazine that looks at movements underway in art, design, food, wellness and fashion, and how they affect the way we live and travel. Featuring leading writers, photographers, illustrators, and designers, Directions explores a different theme in each issue, culling the insights of various thought leaders and industry innovators into a vividly illustrated, boundary-pushing travel and lifestyle magazine.

This issue explores the New Sanctuaries, spaces both physical and figurative, natural and designed, where we find renewal, shelter, communion, and expressions of the sublime. From an ambitious new series of rural retreats in eastern China, to the latest findings in sleep science, a modern-day monastery by a Belgian design master, and a think tank that looks 10,000 years into the future, explore with us the New Sanctuaries of our ever-shifting contemporary world.
  • Creative Direction: Johannes Schwark 
  • Art Direction: Suvi Haering
  • Designers: Rémy Dautin, Vivian Nebelin, Christine Daum, Linda Kunnath, Millie Engono
  • Illustrators: Moonassi, Elisabeth Moch, Lea Heinrich
  • Photographers: Robbie Lawrence, Matthias Weingärtner, Julien Mauve, Brechenmacher/Baumann Photography, Robert Rieger, Emily Andrews, Daniel Flaschar, Benoit Linero, Lizett Martine Diaz, Colossal Photos and The Lo & Behold Group, Stephanie Füssenich