Directions — The Magazine by Design Hotels™ (2020 Edition)

  • Daniel Hilz
  • Rémy Dautin
  • Silvena Ivanova
  • Suvi Haering
  • Brand Lab
  • Sara Aguirre
Directions is an annual magazine that looks at movements underway in art, design, food, wellness and fashion, and how they affect the way we live and travel. Featuring leading writers, photographers, illustrators, and designers, Directions explores a different theme in each issue, culling the insights of various thought leaders and industry innovators into a vividly illustrated, boundary-pushing travel and lifestyle magazine.
This year’s issue explores “The Promadic Traveler”, a pan-generational, conceptually driven explorer who is guided by the idea that travel should be proactive, purposeful, and, above all, foster a sense of personal progress. From a zero-waste journey through the Swiss and Italian Alps, to a collection of future-proof essentials, and a traveling laboratory of experiential hospitality, explore with us the motivations, values and desires of the emerging, climate-conscious demographic of Promads who will transform the world of travel over the coming decade.
Annual publication with 80.000 copies distributed globally

  • Art Directors: Suvi Haering, Alexandra Bruns
  • Graphic Designers: Rémy Dautin, Vivian Nebelin, Inês Chambel, Sara Aguirre
  • Illustrators: Rebecca Clarke, Jun Cen, Paula Troxler
  • Commissioned Photographers: Matthias Weingärtner, Vivek Vadoliya, Stephanie Füssenich