Disruptors Series 1

  • Sophia Ukor
  • Ava Rogha
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  • Sophia Ukor
  • Laicey Peachey

Disruptors: Women challenging the status quo towards positive societal impact. The first edition of Violet Simon's editorial series titled ‘Disruptors’ touches on issues related to feminism, mental health, racial discrimination, domestic abuse, violence against women, sustainability, disability and wellness, and shares the stories of women who have gone against the grain to make a positive difference in society in these areas. This edition features over 30 women such as Minna Salami, Dr Nicola Sharpe-Jeff OBE, Agnes Mwakatuma, Misha Haycock, Lucy Rout, Jamie Klingler, Jamelia Donaldson, Mathilda Mallinson, Helena Wadia, Samata Pattinson, Rahel Tesfai, Renee Davis, Chidinma Nnoli and a host of other women. In their personal and professional lives, these women are breaking barriers, walking uncharted territories, fighting harmful stereotypes and constraints, achieving historic milestones and disrupting the status quo to create a better society for other people, women, young girls and underrepresented people. They share their experiences, speak on the impact of their work, and discuss solutions, opportunities and resources for women. The series will be published in a digital format with limited edition print available. The first series launches on 24th May 2022 but is available for pre-order. You can pre-order here: https://violetsimon.co.uk/product-category/magazine/disruptors-series-1/