Dissertation: Narrow Vision of Design

  • Evy Diepenbroek

My dissertation was a big part of my graduation, I chose to make it about the "Narrow Vision Of Design, How new technology is changing the process and psychology of design". a brief introduction to this is this (this can also be read in my desertion): If you look at the design back in the day, it looked very different than it does now. Nevertheless, one thing that stands out currently is that all design is starting to look more and more alike. The aesthetic of our experiences has changed significantly in the design world. Despite our inability to predict the future, there is still much to be predicted. We live in a world in which technological advancements are quickly evolving, and we, as graphic designers, are naturally influenced by this. Many new technologies will help graphic designers make better designs and give them more opportunities with extended reality (X.R.), Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Social Media. However, isn’t this also not the reason for the development of tunnel vision in the creative industry. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are the lifeblood of great work.