Doubt Time Magic - WeTransfer

  • Rob Wilson
  • Sophie Heath
Photography & Retouching - Rob Wilson
Art direction - Stephen Turner

I was commissioned by WeTransfer to photograph a set of books designed by Visual Editions and Studio Frith. They explore the influence that doubt, time and magic have on the creative process. We created a number of image styles that could be used for their websites and across various award submissions and press materials.
Visual Editions - Doubt, Time, Magic is a set of three books made for WeTransfer, exploring the creative state to show rather than tell how the brand appreciate and understand creative excellence and their audiences.
Aimed at creative, design and tech audiences, Doubt, Time, Magic, is a set of three pop-candy books, each capturing a different magical glimmer into some of the world’s best creative talents. All the while, bringing a real sense of generosity and a bit of theatre to the WeTransfer team and their friends and communities around the world.
Made by WeTransfer with concept idea and curation by Visual Editions and design by Studio Frith.


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