Dumb Ways To Spread

It’s 2021, and the pandemic rages on shamelessly. We had a year to learn about the virus, yet certain people continue to be ignorant. There are still many dumb ways to spread, from conspiracy theories to cough droplets. The dumbest way of all is voluntarily rejecting the solution: vaccination. Updating the magnetic, dark humour of viral PSA Dumb Ways to Die, Dumb Ways to Spread educates, exposes, and encourages working together to put an end to the pandemic. The once-viral song is catchy enough to appeal to a wider audience, making its message easier to spread than the virus itself. Weaving in footage of recent events and familiar characters, it serves as a reminder that the problem at hand is as relevant and significant as it was a year ago. When it comes to global safety, everyone can make a difference; it’s time we look at the bigger picture.