Side Hustle/ Charity Video


  • Zoltan Adorjan
  • William Samaha
  • Bertrand Rocourt

Dysmorphia is a short film offering an artistic take on how young men find it increasingly difficult to recognise and express their emotions, leading to body-image related issue and even body dysmorphic disorder. It also aims to address the much larger problem; while external influences on young men have multiplied there is still a lack of constructive and earnest conversations about what it means to be a ‘man’.

Director | William Samaha
Producer | Zoltan Adorjan
Mental Health Advisor | James Downs
Talent | Michael Ruben
DOP | Bertrand Rocourt
Steadicam | Michael Vega
1st AC | Ben Grady
Gaffer | Shaun Wauldie
Colorist | Michael Pearce
Assistant Producer | Tom Cawte
Runner | Jurijs Subotins
Equipment | ARRI Rental & Direct Digital
Studios | 220Bricklane, FletcherWilson Studios
Special Thanks | Noman Khan, Adam Kirstein