Dyson on: magazine

  • Henry Tobias Jones
  • bolawa Ogundeji
  • Joseph Sinclair Parker

A new quarterly print publication for Dyson people. Designed and written for people who share Dyson's interest in technology, design, and engineering. Read by people all over the world and distributed via Dyson's network of Demo retail spaces.

In 2017 I was challenged to recreate Dyson's internal magazine, turning it into something that would appeal to both internal and external readers. On: is the resulting publication.
We started with creating a high quality print product which would feel at home in Dyson's Demo stores world wide. The first issue was designed to reflect Dyson's design heritage while incorporating editorial devices to help with the reading experience. The pilot first issue #ON01.18 on:Symphony was a documentation of one of Dyson's strangest cultural activities - The Dyson Symphony. Engineers and composers joined forces to create a piece of music using technology and traditional musical insturments.
The second issue #ON02.18 on:Hullavington took inspiration from the past, exploring the curious history of Dyson's newest site in Hullavington, Wiltshire, UK. Hullavington Airfield was pivotol in the defence of Britain during WW2. It later became the home of flying training schools for the Royal Air Force (RAF). However, after falling out of use during the intervening decades Hullavington had become derelict by 2016 when Dyson took purchased the land. We chronicle the full story.
The Third and final issue of on: for 2018 was #ON03.18 on:Inventors a look at the James Dyson Award JDA) for young inventors. We met with the past and current winners of the JDA, looking at the tens of thousands of entries submitted in 2018. The International Winners, O-Wind Turbine, created an omni-directional wind turbine that can be used in urban locations. We explain their invention's amazing engineering story.
So far, Dyson on: has been seen by over 140k people online in the first year alone. It has been well recieved by Dyson employees, customers in Dyson Demos, and has been critically recognised by the Society for American Publishers (SPD). We are already planning to on making on: in 2019 bigger, bolder, and befitting of a 21st century global technology company. Stay tuned and #readon - or follow us @dyson_on
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