Dyson Rethinkers

  • Shahnaz Ahmed
  • bolawa Ogundeji
  • Lydia Cooper
  • Katy Woodrow Hill
The insight
Dyson are growing fast, so they need to recruit a wide range of talent around the world. But they have to compete with the world’s biggest and most innovative tech companies. To help Dyson stand out, we honed in on the one thing that unites the top talent in every category: their innate desire to prove they are the best.
The idea
Inspire the world’s brightest young minds with a cryptic series of online challenges.
We created Rethinkers, the ultimate test of the core qualities that define a Dyson employee, and launched them with ‘Rethinker’ communities such as reddit and Stackoverflow.
In doing so, we reframed Dyson as one of the world’s leading tech employers amongst an incredibly hard-to-reach group.
Starting with an online video, potential young talent from around the world were taken on a cryptic journey involving code deciphering, origami making and online escape room story challenge.
The Rethinkers campaign received widespread PR coverage from Wired to the Telegraph in the UK, and globally too.
It inspired a highly engaged following on Twitter and Instagram, particularly on our subreddit page – the first time a brand has done so – and reached the front page of /r/videos.
The campaign drove a 250% increase in visits to Dyson's careers website.
And is award-winning:


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