Eat 17 Bacon Jam

An unusual product needs standout design to help it take that next big step. With Bacon Jam it was all about expressing its unique story, and channeling its inner meatiness.

A quirky condiment created in a moment of inspiration by East London bistro Eat 17, Bacon Jam urgently needed new branding to help it fulfil its true potential.

Our brand solution tells the product’s story by bringing together Bacon Jam’s three defining characteristics. Its undeniable meatiness influenced the graphics, its East London provenance shaped our tone of voice, and its versatility helped define our messaging. We rolled it out across all the touchpoints, from packaging to POS, ads and website.

We love helping start-ups find their path, and we’re proud to hear the client say “We owe lots of our success to Together Design”. Having secured coveted shelf space at Tesco and Waitrose, Bacon Jam enjoyed a hefty 250% increase over 10 months, while the original recipe has been joined by a family of successful variants. What's more, we were delighted to pick up a Gold 2014 DBA Effectiveness Award for our work on the brand.