An innovative new idea always needs a fabulous execution. So how would we bring Yoosli’s innovative DIY muesli to life, and transform it from start-up into supermarket player?

We love working with ambitious start-ups and ground-breaking ideas, so we relished the opportunity to develop Yoosli, creating everything from the name and brand identity to the website, animations and packaging.

Yoosli lets you choose every ingredient and combine them to create your own bespoke muesli. Individuality is at the heart of the brand, so we’ve invested it in everything from the name and strapline to the visuals and website functionality. We created an eccentric cast of characters with distinct personalities, each linked to different muesli mixes. And with engaging illustrations and a finely honed tone of voice, we’ve helped create something truly individual and deliciously good fun.

Following Yoosli’s June 2013 launch, social media swiftly voiced plenty of love for the brand, and we’re thrilled that this most individual of cereals will soon be bringing its unique charms to the shelves at Waitrose.