Edinburgh Fringe 2019

  • Natasha Raymond
  • Christina Care

I attended the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the content team, during which I organised interviews with creatives involved in shows, interviewed them, and wrote up the interviews as engaging articles for Spotlight.com. Organisation - I was only at the Edinburgh Fringe for four days, and during that time I had to schedule seeing the show the creative was in as well as interview them after. This meant I had to be extremely organised and plan each day carefully to ensure I was able to see everything I needed to before the interview took place. Flexibility - In order to fit everyone into my schedule, I conducted phone interviews as well as face-to-face interviews. There was also an occasion where one of the creators I was interviewing won the Fringe First Award a few hours before our interview. I adapted the questions I had prepared so that we could talk about this topic as well. Transcribing - I had to transcribe each interview to a tighter deadline than usual, as we needed to upload the finished article to the site while the shows and the Edinburgh Fringe were still going on.