Electric Vehicle start-up Electrifying.com approached Rhapsody to carry out it’s full branding, website design and development. Founded by a panel of EV experts, Electrifying provides an end-to-end service for EV buyers to get advice on and choose vehicles to buy via a third party. Rhapsody held a series of workshops with Electrifying, who discussed what they wanted the brand to do and how they wanted it to look.

From these workshops, Rhapsody created full brand guidelines, starting with the tagline ‘Here to clear the air’ which had environmental connotations as well as illustrating Electrifying's desire to demystify the process of buying an electric vehicle. Rather than using the traditional lightning bolt as a logo, our creative team applied this typographically to the E of Electrifying and came up with other visual motifs, drawn from a circuit board, to denote the sense of community associated with the brand. Both could be applied to everything from social assets to staff business cards.
A series of blues, greens and yellows were chosen as the signature colour palette, giving the effect of an energy bar. As well as being an active palette, this array of colours denoted a utopia, a calm and green future, which creates a positive association with the brand and its goals.
Beyond the branding, Rhapsody turned its hand to designing the content-heavy responsive website, driven by car videos and written reviews, which had an extensive sitemap with a wealth of pages. The Review pages were defined as key for Electrifying and the user experience emphasises this by taking the user down the funnel to these pages.