• Abb-d Taiyo
  • Sara Scobie

Bringing world-class chefs direct to your table, for an experience impossible to forget. Epicurate aim to be more than just a platform, they aim to be a place that builds memories and unforgettable experiences. Challenge Until recently, there has been no option to book Michelin Star chefs to cater for home dining and meaningful experiences outside of the traditional restaurant. Epicurate aims to change that, bringing international culinary talent directly to your table. Impact Launching just prior to the 2020 pandemic, Epicurate has ensured livelihoods for many chefs in the hospitality industry that have been affected. With some restrictions, it has given many the option to continue having a fine dining experience in the comfort of their home. View Full Case Study here... https://driftime.media/driftime-epicurate/