Event Host @ The AllBright

  • Jess Gosling
  • Courtney Griffiths

BACKGROUND Supporting female founders and entrepreneurs with their self-confidence, impact and how to hold a room through a variety of themed workshops. Commissioned by The Allbright for a series of three workshops. BRIEF Hosting a three-part seminar series for female founders, entrepreneurs and side hustlers on networking, presence and impact. IDEA To host an intimate workshop on how can we reframe networking from a painful cliché, into a purposeful endeavour that enriches our community and what can we practically do right away to ‘get better’ at it? The session will balance instruction around new ways of thinking with actually connecting as a group of women from different organisations to explore these challenges and opportunities and to try out practical tools for better and more effective networking. SUCCESS Upskilled over 75+ women over three seminars.