Everpress x Hustle Crew

  • Gabriel Gabriel Garble
  • Dean George
  • Karys Margaret Coker
  • Abadesi Osunsade
  • Sabrina-Anne Sarpong
  • Gaia (G) De Siena

We first shared our Diversity & Inclusion roadmap a few months ago, and one of the first steps we’re took was our partnership with Hustle Crew. This was a two-way exchange; as well as providing our team with invaluable D&I training and workshops, our content series saw our community join the Hustle Crew community on a journey of shared knowledge and expertise. As part of the series, the Hustle Crew community put their questions to four exciting creatives who’ve worked with us: artist Roshan Ramesh, Gabriel Garble, whose work spans illustration and animation, creative director and director Dean George, who runs the bi-annual magazine GAUCHOWORLD, and illustrator and lecturer Olivia Twist. https://everpress.com/blog/