• Mimmo Manes
"In a world which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false" — Guy Debord, The Society Of The Spectacle
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"This small pad contains the prodromes of a reflection I am conducting (and which I hope will achieve a more articulated development) about the thin ice that separates the true and the false. The necessity of this reflection was made more urgent by observation of the fragmented and distorted reality we live."
Half notebook, half sketchbook.
96 pages, A5 portrait 50 blank pages, 42 with contents. Black&white on uncoated paper; cover on G.F. Smith Colorplan Red Bright. Perfect bound. £ 4 + postage
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The book has been browsed in this video: https://youtu.be/q2IwiRC7Ukk


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