Evo // Wireless Video Streamer

  • Gianni Teruzzi

By celebrating both antenna and connections, Evo is a wireless video streamer that looks to re-engage the everyday user with a completely different experience.

Designed for the everyday home, Evo is a wireless video streaming device that takes an unconventional approach to the user experience by celebrating each product touch-point in a new and exciting way. Unlike other video streamers, Evo eradicates the classic clunky USB antenna by introducing an over-moulded, flexible TPU body. The USB antenna beautifully nests onto the front of the device. When plugged into the computer or laptop, it can also be flexed into any shape.

Evo actually takes the opposite approach at dealing with cumbersome wiring – instead of hiding these behind the scenes it brings them center stage and celebrates them! With the connection ports located at its core, Evo creates an additional level of interactivity with an enhanced plugging and unplugging experience. Last but not least, the power button is located at the front for easy access, with the power light that halos around it. Coordinated activity lights are located at the top of both the antenna and the hub for a visual signal that their working in tandem.

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