Evolve Website

Evolve is a dynamic London-based structural engineering firm founded in 2001. It has particular expertise in the retail, residential and commercial office sectors, and a range of high profile clients including British Land, Debenhams and BAA.

In a competitive marketplace, with many firms offering a seemingly similar proposition, their ambition was clear: to raise their profile and stand out from the crowd.

Bringing people to the fore
We began by reviewing and distilling internal and external research as the basis for a compelling proposition and wider brand framework.

In doing this it quickly became clear that the way Evolve work is what sets them apart, not their technical capabilities. That way of working centres around people, and is neatly expressed though the central idea of ‘Making people our foundation'.

Telling an evolving story
The people focussed concept provided a strong basis for a wider message platform focussing on the firm's human centred strengths and values. These aligned to primary client priorities and enabled Evolve to structure all their communications on a consistent basis.

In launching the new brand we began by communicating the brand thinking to staff, ensuring that there was real buy-in and clarity of purpose amongst a dedicated and enthusiastic team.

With staff on-board, the new brand was launched at the BCO Annual Conference in Chicago with a new corporate presentation and website. Both platforms are defined by the new brand positioning but have the flexibility to reflect the needs of a business that will inevitably keep 'evolving'.