Exhibition Tour - Exeter Phoenix, Devon

  • Abbi Bayliss

This was the Second Venue on my Regional Tour of the South West. With a differing linear layout, I was able to play around and change up the composition of the Bristol Exhibition, almost reinventing it. The collage mural split into two, with a collage at either end of the wall to create a cyclical summary of my motivations/inspirations. 12 February - 15 March 2020 My work centres on my experience as a woman of colour in Britain. My digital portrait illustrations consistently feature woman of colour I am uplifted by either in my immediate community ,such as family and friends, or the greater global one, such as positive role models. To me, representation is a really important theme in my work, as I enjoys creating art that reflects the faces that aren’t featured enough in the arts. I’m inspired by women in all creative fields from poetry, theatre, literature, music and visual arts which I translates by illustrating them.