Exploring The Joys Of Dressing And Body Image Through 3 Quick Steps

  • Tajinder Kaur

The pandemic brought a wave of comfort that many of us got accustomed to the loungewear lifestyle. As things slowly return to normal, there's a sense of excitement around styling again. I wanted to explore the joys of dressing, body image and fashion psychology. Personally, it took a podcast episode on style, pep talks and being intentional to get out of a style rut. I honestly forgot how much fun it was to wear a bold outfit, red lipstick and gold hoops. Seeing myself in the mirror made my inner diva come out. She was screaming, “YES girl, where have you been? Work that look!” It wasn’t until this moment I realised there’s a sense of joy in dressing up. Read full article: https://tajinderkaur.co.uk/exploring-the-joys-of-dressing-and-body-image/