Exterion Media - Look For Longer

  • Tom Staveley
  • Guy Hatton


Proving the power of Out Of Home – and winning a DBA Award


How could Exterion Media prove its Out Of Home ‘extended engagement’ offering?


‘Look For Longer’ turned the time commuters spent waiting for their trains into an engaging challenge: could they identify Tube stations from cryptic visual clues?
With 48-sheets appearing at 50 London Underground sites, players would have to visit the competition website once they were above ground again in order to register their answers – and prove their extended engagement.
They did that, and more. The hyper-connected London audience spread word of the game worldwide: players signed up from 170 countries and global online communities sprang up, working together to solve all of the clues.


The campaign proved Exterion’s claim with over 578,777 website hits, 66 minutes average dwell time and 12,119,901 answers submitted. Social media also performed strongly, with 103,000 visits via Facebook, and over 7,000 posts across other social networks.
Total earned media was £304,276 but perhaps most importantly, YOY 48-sheet sales in the January following the campaign were up 24%.
Look For Longer won a DBA Effectiveness Award.