FACE IT | FreashMeat_2020

  • Sanjana Arora
  • Rubecca Andrew
  • Jonas Roe

"FACE IT" is a sunscreen brand that promises you the confidence to face the sun. Brief: Using the selected news date and headline as a foundation, create an ownable brand and product to apply to your given packaging format and brand world application. Good news date & Headline - In December 1898, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium while experimenting with a mineral form of uranium oxide. Pack format - Spray Bottle Brand world application - Brand Collab Solution: Radium was one of the keywords which after researching led me to the concept of having sunscreen as my product. As Paris was a common ground for both Marie and Pierre Curie, I decided to have this as my inspiration and convey the concept of fashion design through packaging design. Inspired by Paris, FACE IT is spirited, ambitious and self-assured, with a sophisticated approach to beauty and style.