Faces of the future

  • Adam Shephard

Tech Will Save Us brand campaign In the four month period leading up to Christmas and the launch of their 2019 product ranges Tech Will Save Us was looking to release a multichannel brand campaign across owned digital touchpoints and physically throughout their retail partners’ stores. The key objectives being to strengthen digital brand presence/ viewpoint, promote their existing range of products and build a narrative that would carry them strongly into their peak holiday season. #FACESOFTHEFUTURE - A Campaign Curated by us the kids. As a celebration of how TWSU was empowering the next generation - we decided to build out the campaign as if it and TSWU were run by the younger generation. Giving all our content a 4” high perceptive. The aim being to not only truly practice what we preach as a business, but also give an engaging and genuine context to everything we produced.