Film Posters (2019)

  • Dan Cramer

Selection of film posters designed in 2019.

Treacle, 2019
Created for the film’s submission to the BFI Flare LGBT festival. Treacle follows the developing relationship between two friends over a road-trip across America. The design explores themes of identity, nostalgia, and sexuality.
FOUR, 2019
To celebrate Dewar’s first innovation in five years, they commissioned a poster for their short noir film. A noir thriller following four lives in four rooms, each character becomes dangerously and inexplicably intertwined.
Girlpool Tour Poster, 2019
See No Evil (Theatrical Release), 2019
Set during the Troubles in Ireland, the film follows a young punk caught up in a fight for his country and identity. Released as a series of two posters.
See No Evil, 2019
Dune, 2019
Concept for the upcoming Dune remake. A bold typographic title dominates the barren and alien landscape. It pays homage to the grainy ochre colour scheme used so heavily in Lynch’s 1984 original.