FMP: The title

  • Faolan Irwin

The work presented is my Year 12 final major project. Our brief was to create a response to our chosen book. The book I chose is called  “365 Tao”, a meditative text which features 365 passages sharing simplified ideas from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Essentially Taoism focuses on the harmony between the universe and nature. One of its most famous associations is the yin and yang symbol, which represents the rising and falling sun, the constant fight for balance of all things. I chose this book as it was gifted to me by my father, at a time when I found my identity and who I am to be difficult to accept and having read this book over the years, I found great peace and hope in the life I have. I chose this book because it is one of the few books which has left me permanently changed.  In addition, my brief was sponsored by the noble black and yellow shoe brand, Dr. Martens. Their input on this project was to focus on the question of: “What is my fight?”. Initially lost, I blended the concepts of my book which harnesses nature’s power and spontaneity with my view of fight. When I think of “fight”, I think of all the difficulties which have led me to the battles I face today and how without those experiences, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. This final garment is the physical embodiment of my visual identity as a fashion, styling and textiles student, experimenting with unknown material such as latex, boucle tweed, and mudrock to create the mannequin which I used to support the dress in my exhibition. Decorated with origami flowers, I created what I would say is my “living Tao”. Cured together is an asymmetrical latex skirt, with the tucks of the skirt cured together, not sewn. With a bodice made of boucle tweed, and coffee dyed ribbon. I also made a selection of edited photos, featuring Margo Wodke as the model. The photos were captured at the Barbican for me to then edit, to execute the final garment with a fully realised, completed visual of my interpretation of 365: Tao, from a fashion perspective.