• Marco Beyermann
  • Latoya Fitoor

Directed by Latoya Fitoor. "Something new is coming Taking form in the dark of my underbelly making its way up, A parasite, an unwanted visitor making home in places uninvited, Something new is coming It’s crawling, finding its way into my mind Coursing through my veins, this joyful ecstasy one that I’ve never known or experienced before Something new is coming Something unexpected, it has tried so many times but always seems to implode in on itself, Reverting back to what was- That tiny fragile empty little being trapped inside of me, But he’s coming, something new is forming And like a mother crouching begging for gravity to take her child into his arm, He wishes for me to catch him, to make way for him in this world To see him and to embrace him To become one again, to be born again, to become whole again. Something new is coming Giving way for a new narrative A lovely story to tell for once Something new is coming a sweet disease With an infectious affection, something amorous An open door, a flood gate of joy pain, laughter and heartache Something new is coming Something to be loved, someone to hold, an ending of generational othering Something new has taken form. "