Form over function

  • Isabella Vecchi
Taking the shape of a printed catalogue, “Form over function” is a multidisciplinary project that explores the space between reality and fiction in the context of branding.
To work on this project I collaborated with a set designer for the renderings and with a photographer for the pictures.
Inventing an exaggerated narrative for the fictional, mysterious brand MXVI, the project is focused on the creation and promotion of three distinct lines of non-functional objects: nicely packaged (but empty) skincare products, 3D printed sunglasses with no lenses, and virtual shoes that can’t be worn.
These three sets of objects are documented and promoted in a final catalogue which, through a purposely exaggerated narrative which appears to be surreal yet is so close to the reality of branding, sheds a light on the practice of advertising of making superfluous products look desirable.