Fourth Floor

  • Jai Toor

Fourth Floor is a West London based collective dissecting the world and promoting young creatives across the globe. As a multifaceted collective, we provide insights, interviews and facilitate debate on a wide ranging variety of topics, namely Film, Music, Art, Lifestyle, Fashion, Politics and Economy and Football. Our work also explores the intersectionalities between these, and as a collective, we envision to be contributors to a world where plurality, diversity, knowledge and creative expression is championed. As well as ourselves, we work with writers that share our vision and contribute to the platform. Alongside the website, there is a Bi-weekly podcast that provokes conversation and debate by exploring the aforementioned topics. The version with music intervals can be found on our Mixcloud platform, while that without can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Fourth Floor also curates a selection of Mixes for our Soundcloud platform drawing on influences from Hip-Hop, Grime, Dub, Techno and much more. The website is designed by Myself, with input from the rest of the team. We take submissions for mixes and articles. Please email -