Fueling Imaginations with Virtual Storytelling

  • Resh Sidhu
  • Karen Boswell
New Chapter in Virtual Storytelling
We are creating the next chapter in storytelling for children, enabling them to step into an immersive world of virtual and augmented reality and be the star of their own story. We're working with goldsmiths university of london to create a measure of immersion for children in Virtual Reality.

Fueling lmaginations

We have written a series of stories with original characters and compelling narratives that are relevant for todays digitally aware children. Each story is designed to empower kids to lead the narrative whilst at the same time leveraging VR to make them more aware of their surroundings.


Felicity often acts on impulse and lacks self control, in this story our user is invited to help her practice being patient and addressing her manners to help release her calmer inner state so she is less distracted and gets into trouble less.


A magical place where the unimaginable happens, creatures meet, friendships are forged and challenges are met. This part of the world sits at the centre of the galaxy and every little door leads somewhere… you simply have to find them.


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    Goldsmiths University of London