Future Beat

  • Comakid (Francesco Cassino)

Future Beat is an inspiring and versatile Pack that producers of trap, footwork, hip-hop and contemporary R&B will fall in love with. Produced by UK electronica artist and Museek Records co-owner, Comakid, Future Beat draws on a tasty roster of sampled analogue and digital synths and drum machines, including the Roland TR-606, TR-909 and Juno-6, Yamaha DX7 and DX100, Korg Mono/Poly and MS20, and Nord Lead 2x. Covering the full spectrum of modern trap, footwork, hip-hop and R&B, Future Beat gives beginners a complete construction kit of easily manipulated building blocks, and experienced producers everything they need to compose new tracks in note-by-note detail from the ground up, or find those vital missing elements required to finish existing ones.