• Graeme Stephenson
  • Craig Minchington

KNOW Creative was commissioned to design and develop a platform to champion an internal initiative called “Futuready” on behalf of Dubai Airports, in collaboration with the London Business School. Its distinct dynamic visual assets underpin the communication’s foundations. The visualisation of assets through animation have enhanced the appreciation of the programme’s professional appeal, echoed the ethos of the initiative in an exciting way and transcended creative expectations. With many careers often met with a proverbial glass ceiling, it was important to create a metaphorical visual property which would convey hidden aspirations and shine a light on both business and individual goals. The creative alluded to the idea that things were incomplete, a sense of potential and revealing things that were hiding in the shadows (Leaders in Waiting). With a blank canvas, we developed a 3D world. The movement of light alone would animate a fresh distinct visual style so different to anything seen before. An extruded logotype was a nod to chronology and a basic sundial denoting the working day. We further developed this black & white environment as the key look & feel, unbound by graphic components, which allowed for endless possibilities through arrangement of lights, camera and basic white walls which are commonly associated with corporate workspaces. Contrasting shadows cutting through the visuals added depth and intrigue, while the leaning of glass panes etched with typography added a sentiment of support and career trajectory.