FVU Frames

  • Ellen O'Donohue Oddy

For the launch of new artist films at FVU, I hosted interviews with the artists and produced a video compiling BTS footage to run alongside the interview.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi

I sat down with Nadeem Din-Gabisi to discuss his new work MASS. The topics and influences we discussed included Tina Campt's concept of Black visual frequency, Sun Ra's lectures, Radio 5 live commentary, The Sopranos & Jean 'Binta' Breeze.
Listen to the interview below and watch the BTS video here.
The video was shot and edited by Anita Safowaa and features music from Coby Sey.

Sophie Cundale

I sat down with Sophie Cundale to discuss the making of The Near Room and how she came upon the film's key concepts: Muhammad Ali's Near Room and Cotard Delusion. The video was shot and edited by Anita Safowaa.

Read the interview here
Watch the BTS video here

Reman Sadani

Reman Sadani talks to us about the making of Walkout 1, discussing alternative spaces imagined by the young, and the power of cinematic exits.
Guy Oliver

I sat down with Guy Oliver to discuss his film You Know Nothing of My Work, exploring the complexities of cancel culture, and what it means when the past and present collide.