GameStake App

  • Andrei Titus Alexa

While working for GameStake, I had the opportunity to create an iOS app from scratch alongside another designer. GameStake is a gaming app where people can compete in online contests for cash or tokens (GSTs). These GSTs could be used to redeem multiple real-life prizes. After the research phase, we created a flow for every journey that a user can go through. You can see below a few of them.

After the flows are done, I create a list of elements needed for every single step of the flow. Then, I draw sketches to construct the general structure of the screens, which later on will be converted into wireframes. You can see below some examples.
Final App
The last step was to transform the wireframes into a high-fidelity interface. Below you can see some of the main screens of the application like the home page, the contests, the market and the payment steps.