GENERATION QUANT - Short Form Documentary

  • Imogen Venn
  • Mark Witherow

After 50 years of revolutionising the mass spectrometry field, SCIEX reached out to our agency to discuss how best to capture and share their history and future. We needed to create an emotive, engaging and educational piece of content that positioned SCIEX as the leader in quantitative mass spectrometry analysis.   With SCIEX’s audience being highly educated, and understanding their product choices, we noted that they rarely get spoken to in an ‘outside of the lab’ manner. We developed an original 5- episode short form documentary series. Showcasing the compelling story of innovation in Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, spoken by the pioneers who revolutionized the quantitative analysis industry, changing the audiences perceptions of SCIEX. We gave them a peak behind the curtains, but with the ability of controlling the narrative and getting them excited for what's next in their field. We had a very skilled team working on this project, I was the client lead from pitch to delivery.