Google I Am Remarkable

  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Kai Butcher
  • Matt Thomas
  • Emily Shorvon

A campaign to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women and underrepresented groups everywhere. Studies have shown that women and minorities are more likely to underplay their achievements, leading to lower wages and less prestigious roles. To redress this imbalance, Google launched #IamRemarkable, a training initiative that empowers underrepresented groups to own their achievements in the workplace and beyond. To celebrate #IamRemarkable, Phantom created a campaign that puts inspiring real-life stories and powerful statements of self-worth front and centre. Since launch, we’ve continued to collaborate with #IamRemarkable, updating the site to offer a resource-filled login area for workshop facilitators and additional pages to provide more context and information. By encouraging employees to facilitate workshops within their companies, #IamRemarkable has empowered over 6,000 women and people from marginalised groups in over 100 countries. Featuring a bold and elegant brand identity, the #IamRemarkable campaign includes a website that brings success stories to life and gold-foiled posters that proudly display messages of self-affirmation.