GUAP Magazine Issue 13 - Lead The Revolution Edition

  • Ibrahim Kamara
  • Regina Jaiy
  • Ola J. Adeyemi
  • Andy Riley
  • Ty Holland
  • Shenell Gallimore
  • Sagal Hersi
  • Jide Adetunji
  • Stephanie Ospina
  • David Osafo
  • Giorgia Gray
  • Tina Wetshi
  • Tolani Shoneye
This was made by and for young people.
We are young. We are creative. We are the future.
Right now is a monumental time in history. There is a revolution taking place where young people from diverse backgrounds are taking control and making things happen for themselves. They are being the change in the world they want to see. In this issue, we wanted to capture this moment in history.
We wanted to showcase individuals who we feel we are breaking the barriers of what's possible. Those who are living life day in and day out, doing what they love. Those who no matter what field, can be seen as inspiration to the next generation of creatives.
This is a call to action for all creatives to join the revolution. Millennials are rapidly changing the world. We embrace change, we are fearless and we are working. If you are a young person there is no time like now.
Lead the revolution. Be the revolution you want to see.
“Lead The Revolution” - This issue captures the current creative revolution happening in London. Order here.
ft Faceinthenews, The Receipts Podcast, Zek Snaps, Tanya Compas, Ola J Adeyemi, Najwa Al Noor & Emay Emenokwu.
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  • 48 pages