Guinness: Choose To Be More

  • Andreea Tocilescu

Once released from prison, ex-offenders need help if they want to turn their lives around. Mentoring schemes for ex-offenders exist all over the world and they lack funding. With Guinness’ help, a global brand that believes in people, defying real-life circumstances, and constant growth, we can build a safer and more positive society. Choose To Be More will be a global campaign meant to not only donate 10% of drink sales, both in shops and pubs or bars, but also educate that ex-offenders are people capable of change. The campaign is meant for ex-offenders hoping for guidance, for employers who might give someone a chance to work and for anyone who might need a push to understand ex-offenders a bit more. The design turns the environment into storytelling, transforming common areas into bold typographic works. It will focus on real people and their stories - something Guinness has done many times in their advertising, but never in this specific way.