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  • Catarina Ramalho
  • Joe Brine

Our first volume of 2019 is a celebration of doing things differently. We salute those who think outside the box, we encourage individuality and we enjoy the work of creatives who rip up the rule book. It takes a certain way of thinking to not conform. To not go along with the predictable, the mediocre, the acceptable.

The hyper-consumable nature of our decade appears to favour quantity over quality sometimes.
The debate of hype vs talent has wildly spread-out to all creative fields over the past years - but in music - once you subtract all the extraneous contents, and you strip it down to melody, rhythm, and lyrics – it’s not about who’s done the most or the least. It’s about the quality of the interaction: the ability a song has to establish a bond between two strangers that might share nothing more than the same musical taste.
Witnessing H.E.R.'s rise to fame proved me that it is still possible for music to be the loudest presence in the room. From relative anonimaty, she's a finalist in five different categories for the Grammy’s this weekend.
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