• Lizzie Jackson
  • Craig Medlin

Two women, two different lives, meeting in a desperate situation. HATCH depicts an encounter between two women who arrive at a so-called 'baby hatch' in Hillbrow, the notoriously violent and lawless inner city district of Johannesburg. They are there to give their new-born babies away. This gripping drama leads you down a path of unexpected twists and turns, where you’ll find yourself questioning your own moral compass. ‘What would I do in that situation? What would it take for me to give up my own child?’ For my creative enterprise module in my third year of university, I put this play on in a local theatre. The multiple roles I took on (producer, casting director, marketing, building and painting the set) confirmed my passion of working within the pre-production of theatre and especially playwriting, as it was incredible to see my writing come to life on stage and have such an impact on those who came to see it. Since then, it has been performed in Spotlight UK in January and Barons Court Theatre this September as part of Actors Awareness' New Writing Festival.