Head of Marketing and Administration for 'The Grace Project'

  • Claudia Whitaker

This UK based charity stemmed from a small idea and is now developing into to something much bigger. We believe that period care is a basic human right than no-one, no matter their circumstance should be denied!!! As the co-founder of the organisation i'm the Head of Marketing and Administration within the charity! For the Marketing side of the business I direct the creative campaigns including the branding of the charity and the social media. I write the content for the social media along with designing the appropriate and on-brand visual graphics. By knowing who I'm trying to attract allows me to carefully moderate the content that is uploaded in order to have the highest success rate and reach as many people as possible. I also make sure that my written language and tone of voice within the content is inclusive, making sure we are treating everyone with equal respect. For the Administration side of the business I schedule meetings, take minutes, produce relevant spreadsheets, gain clientele and interact with clients. I have a keen interest in supporting equalities, have a good understanding of diversity and inclusion and actively supports the amplification of typically underrepresented voices.