• Claudia Whitaker

When the overwhelming abundance of social media gets too much, Lime-Lights the agony aunt you didn't know you needed. I found myself in a forever circling whirl of negativity and comparison and with all the other 90's babies out there, growing up with nothing but facey b and insta, I knew others MUST feel the same. Lime-Light was born in 2020, into a digital age where having 10k followers on Instagram is the key to reaching your full potential in society. It was created as a way to engage with consumers in the most personal and honest way. 1). A magazine; full of artwork, distractions, comfort food recipes, all things that my consumer desired. 2). A website; consisting chat forum where my people could talk to each other and share any feelings and emotions. I hold this project very close to my heart. This was my final year dissertation.