Hedy Grès

  • João Pescada
  • Gabija Jankaus

Making women feel fashionably fit. A responsive web app. Done in May 2019.

Back in early 2018, started working with a partner on a side project to create our own sustainable and scalable business.

She had the business idea and insights and I added the technical skills to build the product from the ground up. Over the following year, we tested and iterated over plenty of versions of the business and product until we reached solid ground and finally launched it.

As the business model was quite different from the regular e-commerce (and I was longing for an excuse to use new toys tools and frameworks), I decided to create bespoke front and backend solutions.

To offer a personalised styling service, we needed to ask plenty of questions to our customers, so the lengthy multi-step signup process was created, tested and refined until it became an easy and enjoyable experience that onboarded new users in less than 2 minutes.

This styling service ended up being too time-consuming and not easily scalable without funding. Unfortunately, with bigger and well-funded competition in the market, we couldn’t find good investors which made it nearly impossible to run as a sustainable business.


This website was built in Angular with Sass for styling and interacted with a Laravel based backend via a REST API. All inventory, outfit styling, customer data, orders, payments and performance metrics could be managed in a custom admin area.

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