How Milan’s Creatives Are Supporting Their Community During Lockdown

  • Linda Massi
  • Cassie Doney

The lights might be off in art galleries and museums for the time being, but back at home, Milan’s creatives are still hard at work, creating inspiring and thoughtful pieces to illuminate these dark times. These are some of the artists lifting the spirits of their fellow Milanese during the current lockdown.

The empty streets of Milan seem alien to those used to the bustling energy of the city; during the pandemic, a quick trip to the supermarket becomes a jarringly foreign act. Milan’s artistic heart is still beating, however. It may feel a little far away, drowned out by the noise of the media, but the creative spirit of the city is perhaps stronger than ever in these uncertain times. Creativity is flourishing behind every window of every apartment that has been turned into a makeshift studio, office and gym in a matter of days.

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