Howwz - Finding a home

  • Abolade Akintunde

Mobile app and brand design

Finding a Howwz in Africa

Howwz is a mobile application platform for accommodation seekers in Nigeria and expanding into Africa. It lets users find accommodation in places they are traveling to, for work, life, leisure and study. We worked with the owners of howwz to build first a brand identity that matches the energy of their users and the experiences they share, and then we designed a mobile application to expand the user experience and to simplify their process.
Simplify the process for better satisfaction
Building an application interface that focuses on simplifying the process of renting a home was the biggest priority for us, our aim was to deliver an application that takes the user through a smooth process from the point of admiration to acquisition by creating a better dialogue between landlords and tenants.
A simple web system
We introduce a web platform that goes straight to the point and delivers simple messaging for the intended users.
An identity with recognition

Understanding the casestudies and unique selling point we built an identity that meets the demand of the users, students and travellers alike by creating a fresh identity with imageries that connects to the users and their natural experience

. We used real scenarios from the case studies to create a brand tone of voice and visuals that can reach the intended users directly, we included brand materials to bring the brand to completion.