HSBC Fraud campaign "Fraud: Don’t miss a trick"

  • Ramon Blake Guthrie

These videos were produced for HSBC's Fraud campaign, "Fraud: Don’t miss a trick" highlighting how fraudsters use scams.

📱Phone scams

  • Phone scams, or vishing, are when a fraudster calls pretending to be your bank or another trusted organisation. They can even make their call appear to come from a number you know and trust. This is known as Phone Number Spoofing.

🖱️Online scams

  • Online fraud is on the increase. Fraudsters use sophisticated tactics to access your financial details and passwords, creating bogus links, retailer web pages, as well as fake pop-ups.

💔Romance scams

  • A Romance scam is when somebody you have never met in person pretends to have feelings for you and then tricks you into sending gifts or money.