• Julia Finders

HURR the UK’s leading wardrobe rental platform. On a mission to democratise luxury and make fashion circular, the team behind HURR believes that keeping up with the latest fashion trends shouldn’t cost the planet. Much more than an online platform, they are a trusted community and marketplace for luxury fashion rental.

Working with HURR

I started working with HURR at the very beginning of my freelance career and when the brand was still decently unknown. Together with the founding team (and mostly their Head of Product) I helped redesigning their website, create collateral for their pop-ups and more recently to realign their brand identity.

Where fashion meets sustainability

HURR was founded with one simple vision: to connect forward-thinking women and to pave the way for a more sustainable future for fashion. Rent, re-use, re-purpose. It’s cool to care.
Sustainability, accessibility and community are at the core of HURR’s values. With this in mind, I aimed to create an identity for them that felt fresh and put their fun but important mission at the forefront. Using simple shapes, contemporary typography and a warm colour palette, HURR can communicate its values effortlessly while keeping their product as accessible as possible.