Hurts in the Headphones

  • Edward Fleming

This short documentary was created in 2019 by director Edward Fleming alongside talented cinematographer Bruce Mann-McClernon. The sound was recorded by Ivan Friedman for Ravensbourne.

We take a look inside the mind and studio space of Adrian Todd, an eccentric musician, video-maker and dreamer.

Also onboard with some sound recording is Ivan Friedman, who is a talented musician and sound specialist that we consult for large projects, especially those that require an original soundtrack.

The music in this film is created by Edward, with the obvious exception of Adrian’s band ‘Leathershed’ featuring heavily.

The version above was released on the polytype YouTube channel in 2021, a student arts collective created by myself and cinematographer Bruce Mann for a group of artists to share projects with the world whilst at university. The version below is the high quality edition on the Spinning Shapes Vimeo.

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